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Common Questions

Do You Have Insurance?

Painting contractors should have two types of insurance:

  • Comprehensive Business Liability, which protects your property from damage by the contractor.  A million-dollar limit in liability coverage is probably the minimum any painting contractor should be carrying.
  • Workmen’s Compensation, which protects the workers and you (from liability), while they are working on your property. Workmen’s compensation is very costly, so many painting contractors will try to work without it.

As a consumer, you should never consider working with a contractor that does not have these insurances in place.  If you’re not sure about the validity of a contractor’s insurance, call the insurance carrier and confirm it is current, active policy.  

Should I be Concerned With Your Crew In My Home?

We are very careful in your home and wear the proper equipment to insure your safety and ours.  

Are The Workers Employees or Subcontractors?

Many painting contractors will use subcontractors instead of hiring employees because it will lower their costs. Subcontractors are typically paid a flat fee, and the contractor also does not have to pay for social security taxes and employee benefits. However, you put yourself at risk when you hire a contractor who uses subcontractors.

As the estimator, Are you going to be personally involved in my job?

Often times you will meet with the estimator or owner before the project begins, but they will not actually be performing the work. This is fairly common, and nothing is wrong with it, provided that the company has a system for managing your project.

What kind of training do your employees receive?

This is another reason why you should always hire contractors who have employees and not those who use subcontractors. If the company you hire uses only subs to paint, they have no control over the training those subs receive.  However, even if you choose a contractor with employees, this does not guarantee that those employees receive training. The sad fact is that training just isn’t in the budget for most contractors.

However, training is very important in the painting industry:

  • It reduces mistakes.
  • It helps to assure a consistent, high-quality product.
  • It allows projects to be completed in a timely manner.
  • It reduces accidents and mishaps.


Always check reviews online to see what people are saying about the company you are planning on working with.  You can not make everyone happy but for the most part the reviews should be good.


If you hire a contractor for a painting job, you’ll want some assurances in the form of guarantees or warranties.  Knowing the importance of warranties, some companies even give unrealistically long warranties such as 10 years, 20 years or even lifetime warranties. The sad fact is that most of these companies will be out of business long before their warranties expire. 

What Kind Of Materials Do You Use?

The quality of materials used on your project will impact how it looks and how long it lasts. There is a huge difference in quality among coatings like paints and stains. There are also many specialized coatings that should be used for specific applications. Differences in the costs of a $9 gallon of paint versus a $50 gallon of paint represent real differences in the ingredients, with higher-priced paint having more expensive ingredients that look better and last longer, such as resins, binders and even titanium.

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