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We never request payment in advance. Payment is due only at the completion of the job!  


Common Questions

What should be included in a painting contract?

  • The client and contractor’s name and information.
  • An area describing the scope of work, which will detail all of the services that will be provided.
  • The cost of both the supplies as well as the labor to paint the house.

How much should you pay a painter upfront?

It’s not uncommon for painters to request a down payment of 20 to 30 percent of a job’s total cost. Local or state regulations may limit the amount allowed for a down payment, so check the rules before starting contract work. Typically, after you‘ve made the down paymentyou won’t pay again until the job is done.

What should I expect from a professional painter?

professional painter will handle any of the mess that results from painting your home as part of the job. That means removing paint brushes and rollers, rolling up drop cloths, cleaning up any spilled paint and making sure there are no drips or drops to ruin your home’s finish.

What to ask before hiring a painter?

Questions to Ask Your Painter
  • Do you provide a free estimate? Ask this question when you first contact the company so you know what to expect from the get-go. …
  • What are your credentials? …
  • Who will be on my crew? …
  • Can I see a list of references? …
  • What materials do you use? …
  • What kind of painting prep do you do? …
  • Do you offer a workmanship warranty?

What Does a Painting Contractor Do?

The painting contractor job description entails applying paint on the interior and exterior surfaces, removing old paint, selecting materials, mixing colors, filling holes, sealing corners, consulting with clients or customers, and leaving the work site clean.

What brand of paint do professional painters use?

Sherwin williams:With Benjamin Moore its most popular with customers and also what i use the most. I like their exterior stains over bm and anyone else for that matter… interior line of super paint i like but not as much as regal line… Duration is also close to aura line in superior quality and coverage.

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