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SW 9661Radiant DawnInterior

SW 9662Fresh ZestInterior

SW 9663HoneypotInterior

SW 9664Sun SalutationInterior

SW 9665Sunny Side UpInterior

SW 9666Barely PearInterior

SW 9667CarambolaInterior

SW 9668Wild LimeInterior

SW 9669Glade GreenInterior

SW 9670OlivetoneInterior

SW 9671SerendipityInterior

SW 9672WavecrestInterior

SW 9673ValleyviewInterior

SW 9674LeafletInterior

SW 9675WesthavenInterior

SW 9676Green GlimpseInterior

SW 9677KingstonInterior

SW 9678Holly GlenInterior

SW 9679JuniperInterior

SW 9680Night WatchInterior

SW 9681RainsongInterior

SW 9682Silent RippleInterior

SW 9683LakesideInterior

SW 9684Azure TideInterior

SW 9685After the StormInterior

SW 9686OpalescentInterior

SW 9687Blue IrisInterior

SW 9688Modern LavenderInterior

SW 9689Ripe BerryInterior

SW 9690Mountain FigInterior

SW 9691CrystallineInterior

SW 9692Cotton CandyInterior

SW 9693Rose PinkInterior

SW 9694Wild PoppyInterior

SW 9695BeetrootInterior

SW 9696Pale PinkInterior

SW 9697Lotus PetalInterior

SW 9698CoralliteInterior

SW 9699Stone FruitInterior

SW 9700Full BloomInterior


Actual color may vary from on-screen representation.

Sample colors and images provided by Sherwin-Williams

SW 9501Oat MilkInterior

SW 9502ArrowrooteInterior

SW 9503CheviotInterior

SW 9504Cold FoamInterior

SW 9505Frost BiteInterior

SW 9506Warm WinterInterior

SW 9507Cream and SugarInterior

SW 9508Natural WoolInterior

SW 9509Steamed ChaiInterior

SW 9510Peace of MindInterior

SW 9511Warm OatsInterior

SW 9512Threaded LoomInterior

SW 9513Sleepy OwletInterior

SW 9514Zinc LusterInterior

SW 9515TungstenInterior

SW 9516AccoladeInterior

SW 9517OutriggerInterior

SW 9518FeatherstoneInterior

SW 9519Country TweedInterior

SW 9520NocturneInterior

SW 9521Simple StoneInterior

SW 9522MeanderInterior

SW 9523Canal StreetInterior

SW 9524Crooked RiverInterior

SW 9525Hidden TrailInterior

SW 9526Woolen MittensInterior

SW 9527Worn KhakiInterior

SW 9528VintageInterior

SW 9529Twig BasketInterior

SW 9530MomentumInterior

SW 9531Stone GuardiansInterior

SW 9532Earthy OchreInterior

SW 9533Rattan PalmInterior

SW 9534River ReedInterior

SW 9535NettleInterior

SW 9536Lamb’s WoolInterior

SW 9537Sugared AlmondInterior

SW 9538Tangled TwineInterior

SW 9539Shaker PegInterior

SW 9540Timber BeamInterior


Actual color may vary from on-screen representation.

Color to Go® not available in Emerald® Designer Edition™ Colors

SW 9541White SnowInterior

SW 9542Natural WhiteInterior

SW 9543GypsumInterior

SW 9544DashingInterior

SW 9545GhostedInterior

SW 9546Lunar LiteInterior

SW 9547VesselInterior

SW 9548Sweater WeatherInterior

SW 9549Touch of GreyInterior

SW 9550MercurialInterior

SW 9551Skipping RocksInterior

SW 9552AntimonyInterior

SW 9553AllegoryInterior

SW 9554Going GreyInterior

SW 9555Storm WarningInterior

SW 9556Intrepid GreyInterior

SW 9557AutonomousInterior

SW 9558CastlegateInterior

SW 9559Scattered ShowersInterior

SW 9560Night OutInterior

SW 9561Guild GreyInterior

SW 9562FortitudeInterior

SW 9563BedrockInterior

SW 9564Before the StormInterior

SW 9565Forged SteelInterior

SW 9566Grey HeronInterior

SW 9567ViaductInterior

SW 9568Smooth StoneInterior

SW 9569AlloyInterior

SW 9570IroncladInterior

SW 9571SolsticeInterior

SW 9572Warm PewterInterior

SW 9573HibernateInterior

SW 9574Hulett OreInterior

SW 9575MetropolisInterior

SW 9576WhirlwindInterior

SW 9577Soft SuedeInterior

SW 9578RestorationInterior

SW 9579Timeless TaupeInterior

SW 9580Cracked PepperInterior


Actual color may vary from on-screen representation.

More color samples available upon request.

Quality Products

At Ameritek Painting, we brush and roll only the highest quality paints and products for your home.

Quality Preparation

Preparation is the foundation to quality work. We are deliberate in preparing each surface of your home that is to be painted. We spend over 50% of our time simply preparing your interior to be painted!

  • Moving: We move all furniture away from the surface to be painted.
  • Protecting: We drape all furniture and carpet in the area.
  • Repairing: We fill all holes and cracks, and provide minor repairs.
  • Caulking: We re-caulk all trim, windows, and necessary areas.
  • Edging: We tape all ceiling lines and edges to ensure straight, crisp, professional lines.

Quality Protection

You can rest assured that everything is covered:

  • Warranty: We provide a written warranty that includes both paint and labor. Should you ever discover a problem, we will return promptly to your home with the proper color mix and restore the area—no questions, no excuses, and no hassles. Please call for Warranty details.
  • Insurance: Our insurance protection is complete with $1 million liability insurance and workman’s compensation coverage.

Quotes Provided

Each quote includes a detailed, written description of the work to be performed. We never request payment in advance. Payment is due only at the completion of the job—your assurance of quality work. Call us for a quote at (303) 471-2456 or email [email protected]

Create an exciting new environment in your home with a professional paint job. Repainting is the perfect way to quickly and economically redecorate tired walls and transform them into a fresh, new room. We know how important your home is to you, and your total satisfaction is what counts. After all, we are your neighbors in Denver, Colorado, and we depend on satisfied homeowners like you. Our professional painters, complete preparation, and the best quality paint are the keys to your satisfaction and our reputation, as our Awards page testifies.

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